Monday, December 15, 2014

December 2014 Work Day

Let the miracle that happened long ago and far away
Be a special source of joy and love within your heart today.

Merry Christmas to all!

We had a good crowd on both Friday and Saturday.  The highlight was seeing all the One Body quilts finished up.  The project began by printing pictures that were made by the students on fabric.   Then the pictures were pieced into banners to look like film strips.  Each picture was quilted individually to pull out the design.  We presented the quilts to Cindy Grandquist at the meeting.  She was thrilled and can't wait to show them to the students.  Cyndee Buck has made arrangements for them to be hanging in the church starting in January.   Thanks to all who helped with this project.

We had a large variety of projects going this weekend.  Binding finished on four quilts.  Batting cut and ready to go to the quilters on 6 more quilts.  I think 6 or 8 of the kits were taken have to work on.  I better get to making a few more.

We have a good list of missions that would love to have quilts.  There are several quilts already done so in January we'll start to identify locations for them.  The ASP and Navajo mission trips are coming up in spring.  We've also learned that local organizations, LSI and Hawthorne Hill, have a constant need for quilts so we have several places that can benefit.  We will continue to support the Bible camp auctions as well.    We have an outlet for just about any size and theme but the twin, throw or crib size seem to be the most versatile.  While we make most of the quilts we give away, gently used quilts in good shape will also find homes..
Julie's red-white-blue quilt
 Rachael's Black and White and Red

Auditioning border, binding and backing.
Just a reminder that the next retreat date is in January on the 23rd and 24th. We are confirmed for Room 101.  The format will be the same as in the past.  We can sew all day Friday and then until 3:00 on Saturday afternoon.  We'll order in dinner Friday and lunch on Saturday.  $10 a day covers the cost of these meals.   And don't worry if you can't sew both days.  Many drop in for just part of the time as their schedule allows.  Feel free to invite a friend to join us for the weekend.

As I look back on the year it's quite amazing to think what you've accomplished. 
  • 18 quilts for Hope Village in Ghana, Africa
  • 12-15 quilts in each of the Riverside and Okaboji auctions helping them to raise $43,000 and $53,000, respectively. 
  • 23 quilts to LSI
  • 2 quilts to Valley High School
  • 12 quilts to Mission Navajo in September
  • 15 quilts to ASP over two different trips
In the new year I think we should set a couple of goals.  We have lots of blue, green and pink/red fabrics.  Be thinking of a scrappy pattern that might utilize these colors and I'll come up with some kits.  Another goal could be to search out new fabric contributions.   At the rate you gals are finishing quilts we can always use more!  But never fear.  We have continued to make the best of what God has provided.  And you have done it joyfully all year long.  I look forward to seeing what we might accomplish in 2015.

God bless you faithful servants,
Jody Eubank

Monday, November 10, 2014

November Work Day

Our mission is to serve God in the world by making quilts that give warmth, comfort and support for those in need.
Hope Quilters vision is to grow and learn in fellowship and fun while designing and creating quilts for others, at home and in the world.
While I truly believe in this mission. I believe that those in attendance Saturday could truly feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit in the room as we lived out this mission.  And the variety of quilt designs that you came up with for the children's quilts was evidence of your living out our vision.

A trunkful of children's quilts were sent with Mike Buck, off to Lutheran Services of Iowa.  Thanks to you we were able to provide 23 quilts to LSI for their Christmas program that supplies beds to children in need.


Our December meeting date will coincide with the Women's Christmas Brunch.  I wanted to encourage you to sign up for the brunch if you desire.  We will still have Room 212 on Friday and Saturday for those of you who would like to quilt.  There would be plenty of time to do both if you wish.  We don't have any pressing business to discuss so we'll have our devotion for those in attendance and otherwise start to tackle other projects as you so desire.  We have several missions that we will supply quilts for in 2015.   The ASP mission always welcomes quilts of any size.  This trip is scheduled for June.  Mission Navajo also enjoyed taking along some quilts.  They have trips planned in March, June and September.  And Mike Buck talked about other LSI programs that would benefit from quilts so I think we should consider them a recipient of our quilts on a regular basis.    Any of these missions would likely accept anything.  If you are wondering what projects to do I think that both adult and children's quilts in throw or twin sizes are a good choice and will serve most any need we have.   We will also continue to supply quilts for the Riverside and Okaboji Bible Camp auctions in the summer.
At the meeting we discussed purchasing some wide back fabric to help us finish those quilts.  This will be easier on the quilters and shouldn't take away from our selection of fabrics for quilt tops.  Several members are going to come back to the meeting with some figures and then we'll discuss a purchase with Missions.  
The next retreat date is set for January 23rd and 24th.  Put this on your calendar. It should be a perfect time to get together and get out of the cold and forget about the bleak and dreary weather.  And if we get snowed it, we'll just have to sew all night.  How bad can that be?
Thanks to Rachael Smith for accepting my request to help me with devotions.  I truly appreciate it.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Retreat Pics

We had a small crowd and some scheduling snafu’s but lots of fun and fellowship all the same.

If you look closely at the set up you’ll notice it looks suspiciously

like our normal meeting room.  Room 101 was double booked.  
Thankfully we were small enough this time that we could make
it work. No one ever said quilters are not resourceful!

Several gals worked on the LSI quilts for the kids.  We have about 18 quilts planned and I think all of them have someone to quilt them.  We will be doing labels and possible binding at the next work day!

Linda was working on her Lounge Lizard quilt again.  Doesn’t it have a lovely orange border on it J

“What’s it called?” several asked.   Well, says Michelle.  “It’s a banana.”      

Ok, so you had to be there but believe me, this one got some laughs!  And ask me about Missy some time.  The whole room ganged up against me about that one. 

Maybe everything seems overly funny when you’re just plain giddy from sewing all day and night.  Yes, we did start at 7:00 and some of us stayed until 10:30.  Some were even there at 7:00 the next morning.  Linda and I made an executive decision though to start at 8:00 next time on Friday.  Not too many fools up besides us at that hour.  I think we could sleep in another hour and still be the first ones there.  This is negotiable.  We’ll talk about it before the January retreat.  By the way, the dates we’ve requested are January 23rd and 24th.  Put that on your calendar and plan to come join us!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quarterly Hope Quilters Retreat: October 17/18

The quarterly retreat is again this weekend. Friday and Saturday, October 17th and 18th.   We meet at the church in Room 100 across from the gym.  I will be there around 7am Friday and we have the room as long as we want to use it Friday.  Doors open same time on Saturday but we have to be out of there by 3 so they can get ready for KQ. 
Feel free to bring snacks to share.  I'll have a coffee pot and cooler available.  We'll order pizza on Friday night and then Jimmy John's on Saturday for lunch.  We like to collect $10/day to handle expenses.  However, if you're feeling $$ may be a roadblock to joining us, don't sweat it.  We'll cover your meals.  Remember, this is a time of fellowship rather than a work day.  So feel free to work on your own projects.  If you prefer to work on mission quilts that's okay too.  We'll use HQ cutting mats, rotary cutters, ironing boards and irons.  Just bring your machine and projects.  Contact me at with any questions.

October Work Day


​We were small but mighty this weekend!  Several of you were out of town or not feeling well.  You were missed!  However, the crew on Saturday dug their heals in and much was accomplished.

We received news that the Riverside Quilt Auction brought in $53,000.  It feels good to know that we are a part of such a good mission.  I think I counted nearly 10 quilts that were donated by Hope Quilters.  If you were in church this weekend you may have seen the Hope 360 report on the ASP trip.  We also sent 10 quilts with the team traveling to Kentucky.

Our current focus is making twin size quilts for Lutheran Services of Iowa (LSI). Our local branch gives beds and quilts to needy children, age toddler to 12 years, each Christmas.  Here are some of the quilts that are in progress.  Won't these kids be excited!  I know of 17 that we have in progress.  We need to deliver them by Thanksgiving.  For those of you making tops why don't you let me know when you're done rather than waiting for the next meeting.  Then we can get someone quilting them so there isn't a push at the end.  It was fun to see the variety of quilts.   I will try to get pictures of them all but if you think about it, take a pic of your quilt with your phone and send it to me! 

We didn't have a long meeting but the group did have one business item to discuss.  Tiffany Melcher has agreed to be the new Treasurer after approval from the group.  Thanks so much to Linda Bergeson for serving faithfully in this role for so long.   


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 13 Work Day

If you want to experience high energy and high creativity I challenge you to show up for a monthly Hope Quilters meeting.  Wow, this group puts 110% into everything you do!  The room was busy with rotary cutters and sewing machines, talking, laughing and the creative juices were flowing.  "What can I do next?" seems to be the most frequent question I hear.  It is such a blessing to do something you love for such an uplifting purpose!

We heard from a couple recipients of our quilts.  We were able to send 8 quilts on the Mission Navajo trip this month and 10 quilts will go with the Appalachia mission group next month.  You were part of a successful Quilt Auction for the Okoboji and Riverside Bible Camps.  Many thanks for all of your time and energy.

Our next mission will be Lutheran Services of Iowa.  Our local chapter provides beds for children at Christmas time.  The beds are donated by Slumberland and they will be distributed to children in need along with pillows and bed clothes.  Hope quilters has the opportunity to provide quilts for these beds.  The beds are twin size and the children are ages toddler to 12 years.   Saturday's task was searching our fabric donations for child-friendly fabric.  Many quilts were planned and are in progress.  We need to have these quilts done by Thanksgiving as the beds are distributed after that.

The group also talked about getting more people involved in leadership roles.  If you would like to get more involved be sure to let me know.  One role I think I can use help with is taking pictures!  I get so involved talking that I forget the pictures.   But this is a good one!

Wow, that makes me dizzy, Deanna!  Some kid will love this!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thanks Norma

I am writing to you as the new leader of Hope Quilters.  My name is Jody Eubank.  I have been a part of Hope Quilters for 3 ½ years and have loved every minutes of it.    I was thrilled to be approached to take over such an important part of ministry at Hope. 

This blog it to let you all know of Norma Hamilton’s “retirement”. She has served faithfully and tirelessly and we all appreciate her countless contributions.  She will continue on as a member and we are all thankful for that.  I am especially thankful for the ground work she has laid for the group and I am also grateful to call her my friend.

Saturday Work Day August 9

Saturday was a good day to stay out of the heat and sew.  We were small but mighty in our accomplishments.  The room never looks too big for us as we find ways to expand our projects to multiple tables.  8 people, 24 tables.  No problem.  3 tables a piece. 
There were two different groups basting quilts.   We discussed the design for the quilt we are making along with the One Body ministry.  (look for the reveal in January!)  We sorted through some finished quilts, earmarking them for the Appalachian mission trip in October.   
We received news from Ghana that our initial quilts arrived safely with the team. 
Here is an excerpt from the mission team " Hope Village, while still under development, was a welcome and comfortable place for us to spend our first few nights in Ghana. The quilts assembled by the hands of the Hope Quilters added warmth and a sense of calmness to our stay. "  We are thankful the quilts arrived safely and so glad to know they are comforting the people who sleep under them.  We finished putting labels on the remaining quilts that will go in September.  We prayed over them, sending our wishes for comfort to those who use them. 
The remainder of the day was spent stripping.   We are cleaning out a collection of fabric strips leftover from past projects.  We are challenging ourselves to use all of the odds and ends, brights and naturals, children's prints, florals and geometrics.  Everything goes in!  This is a bit of a stretch for many of us.  Some things just don't seam like they go together.  But we are coming up with some wonderful ideas.  I think the finished products will be beautiful.  Stay tuned.

Monday, July 28, 2014

August Quilt Retreat

We have room 101 (big room across from the gym) reserved all day August 1st, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on August 2nd.  This is a time to work on your own projects while in fellowship with other Hope Quilters and friends.  Feel free to work on missions work if you prefer but let Jody E. know if that is your preference so we can have hand work or quilt kits ready for you.

Bring a friend or two.  We will be ordering dinner on Friday night and Saturday lunch.  We charge $10 a day just to cover the food expense. Any extra funds go back into our account for quilting supplied.   Feel free to bring a snack to share and your own drinks.  I will have a coffee as well as a cooler to keep drinks cold.  We will be doing Zmarik’s and Jimmy John’s this year as both offer Gluten free options.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 12th Meeting

A reminder of the monthly meeting on Saturday July 12.  We will continue to work on completing the Ghana quilts.  We also will elect a new leader.   Please let us know if you are interested in the position.

Five of the  completed Hope Village  quilts that are ready to send to Ghana are on display at Hope.  They are hanging across from the Prayer Chapel on the Jordan Creek side of the atrium.  Hope you have a chance to see them before they are taken down and sent to Ghana at the end of the month.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June Work Day

June found us continuing to work on quilts for the Hope Village in Ghana, Africa.
Of course we had Show and Tell on some of those quilts as well as other quilts made for the various missions of Lutheran Church of Hope.  Jean's Grandaughter from AZ visited us for a few minutes, helping to show several quilts.  We always welcome visitors, especially those who may become future quilters - hint, hint.  Everyone is welcome to join us whether you just want to sit and visit a bit, hand sew on a binding or bring your machine and work on piecing a quilt top.  We always need "quilters" - those who do the actual quilting.  Each one of us has a talent for any part of making a quilt.  We know our quilts are used and appreciated by the people who receive them.

The ASP Mission Team  (Appalachia Service Project) was on the ground there this past week.  In addition to building and repairing housing for those in need, the the team carried along a dozen or so quilts we've made.  The recipients of those quilts were grateful for them, knowing that we provide them for their warmth and comfort.  

Here are pictures of some of the Hope Village quilts, both complete and in progress.  We're making eighteen quilts, both single and double bed sizes.  Several of the quilts will be on display soon before being sent to Ghana.  Be watching for them in the next few weeks.

These are some Hope Quilters who attended Saturday.  Not everyone got captured by the camera.

More "eye candy" from Hope Quilters

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 10th Work Day

May 10th brought another wonderful day of fellowship and quilting.  We had new members attending, including one who made her first quilt top entirely during the work day!  
We welcome all quilters and want-to-be quilters.  If you have a sewing machine and are open to learning to make a simple quilt, please come to the next work day June 14th.

We are continuing to use the beautiful Ghana fabrics to make altar cloths.  These are a few of the ones Christy brought in on Saturday.  They'll be sent to Ghana with the Mission Team in June.   

We've also begun to make quilts for Hope Village in Ghana.
This is one of the first nearing completion.  

We always have show and tell - - 

 The front and back of this colorful small quilt

Wow, look at this beauty made by Tiffany.
We'll add the Riverside label and deliver it for the August quilt auction.
Here's the back of the quilt.
More show and tell - - 

Heather brought in this Noah's Ark quilt.  A child is going to sleep well under this wonderful quilt.

Summer just began learning to make a quilt.  A very enthusiastic new Hope Quilter!

At the end of the work day - - - a complete quilt top!  Wow!  
This is what learning quilting is all about - helping a new quilter make her first quilt.  

Hope Quilters hard at work doing what we love to do.  Helping one another pick out just the right fabrics, cutting, ironing and sewing the quilt tops.