Monday, May 20, 2013

Quilts for ASP Mission June 2013

Pictured are a few of the quilts that will be going with the ASP Mission Team in June.
Serving God by making quilts for those in need.
These quilts are smaller sized for children.

 Larger, bed-sized quilts.

All of these quilts (and more) will be given to families in Appalachia by the mission team.


Monday, May 13, 2013

May Work Day

May 11th saw some sixteen Hope Quilters working on our varied projects.  Here is the pictorial view of the work being done by this busy group of quilters.
Show and tell quilts:

Hope Quilters are also making small pillow cases for breast cancer and other medical needs.  Shown are some kits that have been made up, ready to be sewn.  These pillows can be requested through Hope's Care Ministry.


A pillow with one of the pillow cases.

The Okoboji project is nearing completion.
Quilters busy with new projects.  We help each other learn new techniques, new patterns and blocks.
Helping hands to pin-baste a new quilt


Learning how to cut some new blocks using a triangle tool.
Here's a Ghana Altar Cloth
It has been made so either side can be used on the altar.
We're planning a Saturday Sewing Day soon to use the rest of the Ghana fabrics
to make more of these 84" X 72" altar cloths for the new churches in Ghana.
If you would like to help sew these altar cloths, please contact Hope Quilters.
We are not "quilting" these, but they will have a backing fabric.  Some may be
double-sided as this one below, others will have a plain, solid back.