Monday, December 10, 2012

December 8th Work Day

We awoke to a covering of snow this day.  Broke the record of 279 days since the last snow way back in the early part of the year.  But that didn't stop the quilters from coming to work on this Saturday.  Speaking of years - this was the last Hope Quilters work day for 2012.   The next work day is January 12, 2013.  Looking forward to seeing you.

There are many pictures from the December work day.  We now have quilts completed for three more rooms at Okoboji Christopherhaus dorm.  An additional three rooms of quilts are nearly complete.

 We're making four or five quilts for each room, coordinating the colors, or the patterns, or the borders. 

 These are a few of the quilts going to Okoboji.

We need batting.  Lots and lots of batting for our mission projects.

Using several tables along with some chairs, we get the batting cut to size to fit the quilts.  Big scissors, big tape measures and teaming make the job easier. 

These quilts now have backing, batting, binding and are ready to be quilted.  They'll be donated to a local Domestic Violence Center.  There are baby sized up to large twin sized quilts in this group.

More quilts that members made for various missions.  God has blessed Hope Quilters with many talented quilters.
 More quilts that members made for the various missions we serve.  God is certainly here among us, guiding us to use our talents to make these beautiful quilts. 

 We don't know who will wrap up in these quilts, but just knowing that someone in need will be kept warm is what motivates us to make them.

And we still use the floor when necessary.  Trying out the backing to make sure it fits the top.  Need enough extra for the binding, too.