Sunday, August 20, 2023

August 2023 Work Day Recap

Despite it being summer, all of you are still willing and able to work on your mission quilts!  We even had a great turnout despite the fair and vacations.  We dropped off 22 quilts that will be delivered to  Sleep in Heavenly Peace, YESS, Bidwell Riverside, Hawthorne Hills, and LSI.  The 7 dog beds are not only another example of your service but also an indicator of your prolific work!!  And now our scraps are also being turned into book pillows.  PHOTOS here!

We had a generous financial donation this month which was perfect timing as we also needed to purchase batting.  Always a blessing that we can make our batting go further by saving those big pieces you cut off your quilts and either sew or tape them together for use in a smaller quilt.  As batting, as well as shipping continues to go up, we can do our part to use everything effectively.  It's also a wonderful feeling to know that God continues to provide for this, our biggest expense!

Word went out about some of the groups of fabric that could use some attention and you delivered!!  One member is making several patriotic quilts and another took home several to make into a cute pattern because she loves the Red/White/Blue.  A couple other members stopped by and each took the pillowcase kits and some yardage for pillowcases.  A bin of masculine prints was opened and the thought that they would make some great guy quilts was born.  Turning Twenty will be great with these big prints but we didn't have time to make any kits.  While the next month will be a retreat instead of a meeting, all the fabric and the closet will be available to us.  If you need some new inspiration, take a look at some of the bins in the closet and see what treasures you can find. 

Speaking of September, the retreat will be on September 7, 8, and 9.  The key difference is that we will add an additional day of sewing on Thursday.  A group dinner of pizza is planned for Friday night.  There won't be a Saturday meeting but if you're just coming to visit feel free to drop by anytime.  And please hold your finished quilts until October.  Look for details in the upcoming email. 

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

Saturday, July 15, 2023

July 2023 Work Day Recap

It was a full house this weekend at Hope Quilters.  And that was even before the invited guests showed up!  We emptied the entire flat of tables and had to organize them strategically to fit in the room.   One big happy quilting family! 

Nearly everyone started in on our special project right away.  Quilt As You Go blocks were made with scrappy, bright kids' fabrics.  Great way to use up scraps of cotton as well as batting.  Even old flannel worked.  I forgot to count how many extra guests we had but those that came had fun. It's always nice to put faces to names.  By the end of the day on  Saturday we had enough for probably 10 blankets.  Don't worry if you didn't get in on the fun.  We still have some supplies left if you want to try making one. 

From THIS... THIS!

Devotions and Show and Tell contained wonderful fellowship as always.  Our Devotions contributor gal always comes up with the most appropriate devotion.  It's very inspiring to see this group feels comfortable sharing their joys and concerns with each other.  There are some powerful pray-ers in the group and we know that God answers prayers.  

We had 20 quilts to show.  PHOTOS here.  We designated them for LSI, Agape Pregnancy, Primary Health Care, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace.   Our Auction quilts have been delivered and will be on display on the Camp websites.  

Okoboji:  I noticed our quilts in both the Online and Live auction sections

Riverside:  They do not have the 2023 quilts uploaded yet but you'll find them here soon.

A new endeavor has been added to the list of projects Hope Quilters are involved in.  Pocket Pillows.  As the name suggests, they are pillows that have a pocket that will hold a children's book or two.  These will be given to children who get a Sleep in Heavenly Peace bed and quilt.  

Finally, a friendly reminder of the change in our September schedule.  September 7, 8, and 9 will be a retreat instead of our normal monthly meeting.  Be sure to put this extra Thursday on your calendar so you can join us.  Hope to see you in August and at the September Retreat!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

June 2023 Work Day Recap

Many thanks for those of you who helped get the auction quilts ready to go.  We are donating 9 quilts each to Riverside and Okoboji Quilt Auctions that will take place on August 4th.  Photos of Auction quilts will be on the blog HERE!  All the other quilts can be found HERE.

Several also got involved in putting together packets for our Family and Friends Event happening July 7.  This is going to be fun.  Everyone is welcome to join whether bringing a guest or not. The objective is to expose friends and family to what we are all about by getting them involved in a quilt project.  Who knows, we may find some new members along the way!  We'll be sewing Friday night with dinner at 6:00, however, feel free to bring your guest anytime.  

We had a great Show and Tell.  There were 31 finished quilts turned in and shared with Missions for distribution to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, LSI, Door of Faith, YESS and more will be going with the teams building houses as part of Home of Hope mission trips.  (This 31 is on top of the 18 we had for the auction!)

Thanks for those helping to deliver dog beds, auction quilts, thrift store, and missions.  And clean up was a breeze.  Thanks to stepping in and just getting it done.  But to all of you, thanks for continuing to support our mission with your quilting, and your prayers, by strengthening relationships with your fellow sisters and just all around making the world a better place because of your beautiful spirits.

Have a good summer!


Monday, May 15, 2023

May 2023 Work Day Recap

 As I (Jody) listened to Pastor Mike Householder's Mother's Day sermon I realized that I never even recognized the day or all of you mothers.  I love the breadth of Anna Jarvis' meaning of Mother's Day as, "Commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life."  This says to me that anyone who loves and cares for anyone like a mother does is worthy of honor on this day.  The sense of care, empathy, and love that is shown in your service to others is certainly something to honor.  So Happy Mother's Day to all of you, my loving servant-hearted friends. 

We spent the weekend working to take on the donation of fabric from The Iowa Quilt Block.  We have built such a strong relationship with Shelly and her staff.  They have servant hearts just like we do.  They are happy to see their older inventory used for our mission quilts.  We also support different missions that are important to them.  I sure hope you'll stop by to say hello and Thank You.  Tell them you're with Hope Quilters as they love to see our faces and learn our names.

  1. When we get a donation like this we're like a kid in a candy store.  Your imagination runs wild with possibilities so you just start to dig in.  You find something that speaks to you and then match a few more bolts to go with it and take it home to find a pattern that works with it. There is even bargaining going on when two or more people are interested in the same fabric. 😂  Can't wait for Show and Tell next month!  Should be some pretty awesome quilts to see!
  2. We set aside many bolts that we would not use for a couple of other charities.  It's nice to have relationships and connections with like-minded people where we can help them out as well.  Cheryl also works making quilts with Windsor Heights Lutheran for Lutheran World Relief.  This church was a collection point for Iowa and gathered 1200 quilts in their annual quilt drive.  There are 50 other Iowa Lutheran Churches involved.  We gave them 44 bolts of fabric that they could use to help make their quilts and share with other churches too.
  3. Dress A Girl Around the World is another organization that has a local chapter.  As it happens, Marty has connections with this group so we share yardage for cute little dresses.
  4. Many Hands Thrift Stores also get many items we are just tired of.  Some fabric hangs around too long and doesn't seem to be attractive for our quilts.  It's amazing how fast this fabric sells in the thrift shop. You can see how the missions of this store are in alignment with our mission so we are happy they can use what we cannot.

And now, on to what we do with the fabric......36 new finished quilts were turned in for our local missions!  LSI, YESS, Bidwell Riverside, Hawthorne Hills, and Agape Pregnancy will be getting some really nice new quilts.  Additionally, this weekend two of our quilts went with the build teams going to Tijuana with the Homes for Hope project. 

We spent a short time talking about our Panel Challenge. We have been gifted with lots of cute panels.  We will use the monthly meetings for sharing progress and learning how your ideas came about.  It will inspire others!  Anyone needing help with a design, matching fabric, measurements, or any problem-solving will be able to engage people in some brainstorming.  Creating together can be so much fun.  

I want to include another reminder for the Family and Friends Event on July 7th.  Plan to bring a family member or friend to sew with you.  We'll plan to eat pizza around 6 but feel free to bring them any time in the afternoon.  You will be the teacher so be sure to try the scrappy sew-as-you-go block so you are comfortable helping them.  We'll have supplies ready at the June meeting for you to try with.  If you won't be at the June meeting I can tell you more about how to make the block if you want to try it.

Be sure to take a look at the PHOTOS to see pictures of all the quilts.  In June we'll pull out the quilts we designated for the auction and get those assigned and packaged up to go to the delivery drivers.  You've seen them all before but it's always so fun to pull these out as they are always some of our favorites!  We won't do Show and Tell again but they'll be unfolded for measuring so you'll have a chance to see them again if you're there on Friday and we'll try to remember to take pictures of them all for the blog.

It was an exhausting weekend but usually, when Hope Quilters is exhausting we know there was something exciting going on and that was proven this time again.  Lord, thanks for connecting us with Shelly.  Thanks for putting us in touch with other fabric lovers as well.  Thanks for this group of generous servants who share their time not only for quilting but by helping and just doing what needs to get done to keep things running smoothly.  You are all such a blessing!

(Due to conflicting events, Hope Quilters took the month of APRIL off from our monthly meeting.)

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

March 2023 Work Day Recap

Wow, what a weekend.  We started with our shelves breaking down and ended with a late-season snowstorm.  We were hoping to get snowed in but everyone decided to be sensible and leave early before it got too bad.  But while we were there it was a typical HQ weekend.   25 quilts and 22 dog beds provided for a fun Show and Tell full of inspiration.  Check out the blog soon for deets and pics. 

Lot's of reminders that are worth noting:

  • April's meeting will be "sew at home only".  😂❤ Did you catch that?????  It's Easter weekend and the church is busy as are most of us.  So we won't be meeting in Waukee on the 7th and 8th.  However, feel free to share what you're working on via the Facebook group.  
  • We will meet for the April Retreat though.  This is planned for Thursday, April 27th thru 29th.  Look for an email update once we get closer to the date.  There will be volunteer opportunities for help with set up and Friday's meal.  Remember we're asking for $10 for the retreat expenses.
  • We didn't get to the topic of sewing with Panels but there was significant interest.   We are going to pick a time at the retreat on Saturday to brainstorm together.  Take a look at the many quilts on the blog made with panels.  We'll talk of other ways to incorporate them into cute quilts.  I have several of Hope's panels we can use and if you have a panel you'd like to work with, bring it along. This will be mostly discussion about design and brainstorming together.  The math of the layout will be important but hopefully, we can make it easy for you.  Please let me (Jody) know if you're interested but can't make it to the retreat.  I anticipate we can work on a design discussion as a regular part of HQ weekends.  

And some general info:

  • We needed to order another rolling cart.  Many people took items home just to help with storage until we get it back in the closet.  So if you are looking for something in the closet you'll notice the change in storage space and some things missing.  This is temporary and should be back to normal before the retreat.  Thanks also for the donations to buy the new cart and wheel
  • We talked again about the Family and Friends Event.  Be sure to put July 7th on your calendar and find someone you want to invite to be your guest.  This year's project will be a kid's themed scrappy block project.  I want all participants to be sure and try this technique as you will be teaching your guest.  We have supplies ready to go at Hope so see me at the retreat or a meeting to get your tutorial.  I also wanted to share this picture of one of the quilts we made from last year's event.  Our theme was Veteran blocks.  We have supplied 10 quilts using the quilts that you made.  This quilt was personally delivered to the vet and he was surprised and pleased that someone would give him such a nice gift.   We know that what we are doing is appreciated but it's always to get some direct feedback.  Be sure to share this with your guest from last year so they can see what they helped create!            
    Until the Retreat, stay safe and healthy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

February Work Day Recap 2023

It was a great weekend of fellowship, idea-sharing, and the added bonus of a large donation!  There is nothing like a group of women finding new life in someone else's cast-offs.  Two tables full of fabric scraps were picked through and moved on to new life in many other people's quilting rooms.  Then there is the air hockey table full of those items we won't use and are going to the Thrift Store.  Many found something they could personally use here as well.  Such inspiration and excitement even beyond the next several quilts that will be made from the fabric donation. 

As always, Show and Tell was fabulous.  We turned in 21 quilts and 6 pet beds.  Check out the PHOTOS page to see pictures. 

We started planning our next Friends and Family sewing event.  Put July 7th on your calendar and start thinking about who you want to invite.  This is a time for us to share what we do with others.  Some bring spouses or children.  Others bring friends.  I think some visitors were a bit reluctant last time but in the end, I'm pretty sure all had fun!  Start thinking now of who you can invite!

We also spent some time talking about Hope's plan to read the Bible in a year.  Here is a link to Pastor Mike's podcast if you want to listen in.  Even if you don't get involved in the daily bible reading, I find these podcasts to be extremely insightful and bring meaning to many of the bible passages you've probably read before.  

Subscribe to the weekly podcast here.   Pastor Mike Drop Podcast

Until next time!

January Work Day Recap 2023

It's a new year and things are looking as promising as ever.  I'm confident God has good things in store for us this year.


So many reasons........:

  • The room was crowded!  20+ quilters each day.  
  • 3 Past members spent some time with us!
  • 30 finished quilts and 12 dog beds
  • A connection was made with the My Brother's Keeper organization, who will make blankets for JOPPA out of our upholstery and other fabrics not suited for quilting.
  • Retreat is coming up.  A dinner is being planned for Friday night.  Many people are bringing quilting friends.  Looks to be a wonderfully full house.  You will be receiving a reminder email.
  • Some of you asked about receiving blankets.  While HQ isn't going to do this specifically, Here is a link to the DM Guild's effort if you'd like to participate. 
  • A question, mostly by newcomers, is:  What size quilts do we need for these organizations?  Well, a guide has been put together to help with this.  There really are no strict rules as there are so many outlets.  But this should give you some idea of the types of partner needs that are more common. See Jody if you need a copy of this guide.
  • And finally, thanks to so many who have taken the lead on different tasks.  Help with set up and take down has become a huge group effort.  We are better together, folks!  Many hands make light work, and it's been appreciated!
On to next month!

Photos for this month's quilts has previously been posted.