Monday, November 26, 2018

November 2018 Work Day Recap

A Quilter's Prayer

Take the pieces of my life
And stitch them together
According to Your will.

May I yield to the pricks of Your needle
So that Your stitches
May surround me with the pattern of your love.

May I allow You to order the squares
Any way You want,
To pattern me by Your design
So that all will know
You quilted me.

From "Discovering the Patterns of Life's Grace and Beauty" by Debbie Salter Goodwin

November's Hope Quilter weekend was well attended, even though the temperature was heading downhill because after all, it was November!

But warmly inviting quilts of all sizes were created or finalized or dropped off.  It's always an encouragement after the meeting to see the pile of lovingly made quilts that will head off to various organizations and in turn...into the hands of those who really need them.

A few members worked on making kits, and I hear there are some flannel kits that will be ready to go in December.  Kits are a great way of starting out making a quilt for Hope Quilt Ministry, if you want to give it a try!

Here are some of the finished quilts from November:

Some quilts for the kiddos:

Many bright, beautiful colors!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October 2018 Work Day Recap

JOPPA month has come and gone.  How appropriate that our devotion was based on this verse from John 6:12 - Gather the pieces that are left over.  Let nothing be wasted.

What is JOPPA you ask?  Take a look at their website.  Our blankets are going to help keep homeless people warm this winter. I know they are not the most fun projects to sew.  But we have been given the cast off pieces and creativity to do something with them and there certainly is a need so it is such a blessing to focus on this project once a year.  And even though attendance was down this year we still turned in 25 blankets that will go to JOPPA.  Praise God!

February and May 2019: We are moving our Work Day to the 3rd Saturday due to conflicts with our room.  Mark calendars accordingly.

An excerpt from our devotion:
"It is quilting theology, God takes the pieces of our lives and stitches them together, working His will for the good of those who love Him.  With His handiwork, life isn't limited to one square.  It is a pattern of squares where beauty depends on variety and no single square tells the whole story.  They must be seen together - like a quilt.
Debbie Satler Goodwin

Take a look at the quilt blocks in your life.  I now see a wonderfully beautiful section of my life's quilt and I call it Hope Quilters.  I hope you do too!  ~Jody

JOPPA quilts end up being very sturdy and warm for the recipients:

Other quilts turned in this month:

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 2018 Work Day Recap

Oh my, what an energetic weekend we had!  The room was filled to the brim.  Over the course of the two days, we probably had twenty-five of you in attendance, either sewing or prepping for next month!  Great fun.

While it wasn't an official JOPPA sewing day, we did work to get organized for next month's focus.  We were able to "kit" 20-25 blankets so they are ready to sew next month (most will only be a few seams).  Praying for great attendance next month too so we can whip these out.  They are so much appreciated.

Results from the Okoboji quilt auction are in.  Our quilts brought a total of $1000.  Riverside Auction quilts brought $900.  Well done sisters! 

We turned in 14 finished quilts to Missions along with four JOPPA blankets.  Some Hope Quilters helped put some collections together for several 3-6-9 quilts so the kit box is overflowing again  These particular kits are great for beginner quilters so be sure to check them out!

Here are some of this month's finished quilts!

Always AMAZING how many quilts are ready to go to various missions every month!  Fourteen total for September!

Examples of JOPPA quilts!

                                                       Some of the children's quilts

                                       Vibrant colors, creative patterns, stitched with love!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

August 2018 Work Day Recap

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.  Have been having a problem with the login.  Will try to get things up to date.

On a more interesting note.......had a wonderful weekend of quilting at LCOH this month.  Smaller than usual crowd due to vacations and the State Fair.  We did have a few new ladies as well and it was delightful to see the power of the Holy Spirit is stitching our lives together through friendship and a common love of quilting.

Show and Tell was beautiful as always.  You ladies do such good work with the fabric we are blessed with.  I know your love for others is in everything you do, whether it's remembered love based on how your acquired the love of quilting or the fabric you are using, or it's love for the people who will receive your quilt.

See the Photos Tab for more pictures but here are a few I wanted to point to as great examples of fun, easy and interesting way to use our fabric scraps.:

This is a group of floral prints that have been around for a while.  Not anyone's favorite so they go unused.  Yet ask someone to pick out some colors and print that go together and use them in a quilt and look at what beauty can happen.  And the comments at Show and Tell......"wow, look how the angled seams set this off", " I ran out of binding but adding some from a new fabric just enhanced the look"......   Remember gals, there is beauty in everything you do when glorifying god!

Another example: 
"these are all fabrics from my Aunt who has gifted me with such a love of quilting.  The fabrics were old fashioned and not real bright but putting them all together with some big polka dots makes for a refreshing quilt for some little young boy."  

And this pattern is a favorite for our youngsters.  We take any kind of kids print (super heroes, teddy bears, butterflies, cowboys, animals, polka dots, bright color. and put them all together in simple rows.  A great quilt for a beginner to start with.  I can only imagine the children getting these quits at Christmas time with their new beds.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 2017 Work Day Recap

November's work day had us focused on a couple of things.  The first was to finished up as many Joppa blankets as we could.  It's getting so cold out that we want to share these as soon as possible.  We turned in 11 more blankets to Missions on Saturday.

The second priority this weekend was to make a dent in our collections of fabric strips.  See the photo tab for some of our day's accomplishments.  This can be really fun to do as a group and we'll get some stunning quilts from our efforts.  Stay posted!

not sure when you gals have the time but we also turned in 13 finished quilts to Missions.  These will be distributed to Hope Ministries, Youth Emergency Shelter and Services, Lutheran Services of Iowa and some women's shelters.  Here are a few of those finished quilts.  What beauties!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hope Quilters September 2017 Recap

Quilters focused on making children's quilts for Lutheran Services of Iowa (LSI).  What fun it was to play with such bright and cheery fabric, knowing that you would make a wee one smile with our gifts.

 Some child will love the vehicles moving across their bed!

 As simple as some bright blocks with a little border.  Cuddle time!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hope Quilters July 2017

Why am I Here? 
How do I compare?

I hope that you were able to listen to one of Hope's sermons this weekend.  What a great message. . I think the message applies really well to what makes Hope Quilters work so well.  Some of us have lots ot time for sewing.  Some of us are better at designing than sewing.  Some of us are better at quilting than piecing.  Others need help with cutting.  By not concerning yourself with what others do better than you and instead, doing what you do well, with enthusiasm and love for others you are trully demonstrating your faithful servant hearts!  Thank you all.

We had a great turnout this weekend.  Lot's of finished quilts (16) and many new kits!  (we had to fill a 2nd box).  

Remember to save your Hobbs batting package UPCs so we can get great deals on batting.   We're ready to order another roll so if you have some UPCs let me know.

Here is a collage of some of our finished quilts this month.