Monday, September 10, 2012

September 8th Work Day

We had a good group of Hope Quilters for the September work day.  Several new members were welcomed.  Be watching for an email from Linda B. regarding a Hope Quilters Retreat for early 2013.  Your response will be important in determining the date and location. 

After devotions and a short somewhat short business meeting, we got down to work on the Ghana Altar Cloths, the Okoboji housing unit quilts, cutting batting for completed quilt tops (they're now ready to be quilted).  A couple of Hope Quilters have even begun working on Riverside and Okoboji Bible Camp 2013 Auction quilts.  Others are working on baby/child sized quilts for the fall 2013 Mission Rio Grande.

The Ghana Altar Cloths need to be made a little larger than originally planned.  A couple of teams made good progress on their cloths, taking them home to complete sewing the pieces together.

Eight quilt tops have been completed for the Okoboji housing project.  The batting was measured and cut; they're now ready to be quilted.  One quilt top is finished for the 2013 Bible Camp Auction.  It's delightful to see the different quilt tops being made out of the scraps and sometimes not so pleasing fabrics.  Once they're put into blocks and then sewn together, they become beautiful quilts.

The group is having a good time working together in small groups of two to five for the various projects. 
It's wonderful to watch all of the creative quilters here, each bringing their talents to these projects.  Here is a sampling of their work.

Please note we've moved Hope Quilters October work day to the 20th to allow us to attend the
Women's Conference - Among Friends being held October 12 - 13 at Hope

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Work Day

The next work day is Saturday, September 8th at 8:30 a.m.  Bring your sack lunch and drink.  We'll be working on several projects, individually and in groups.  Projects include the altar cloths for the new Ghana churches, quilts for the housing units at Okoboji Bible Camp, quilts for 2013 Mission Rio Grande, and the 2013 Bible camp auctions.  There is something for everyone - sewing quilt tops and altar cloths, designing patterns for the quilts, cutting fabrics, ironing fabrics or just observing Hope Quilters in action.  All are welcome here, you don't have to be a member of Hope or the quilting group to attend.  If you like to "quilt", we have a number of quilt tops ready to be quilted - either on domestic or long arm machines.