Monday, February 10, 2014

February Work Day

February 7th "set up" and the 8th Work Day found Hope Quilters busy with a number of projects.  Friday we brought the fabric carts, the cutting mats and other notions from the storage area.  Several quilters sewed on their quilt tops while others worked on cutting out pieces or put together new quilt kits.

Saturday it was snowing - many of us wanted to stay home and look out at the beautiful, large fluffy flakes coming straight down - it looked like a giant snow globe outside.  But, quilting called us, so we came in to do what quilters do - meet, greet and have fellowship with each other as we tackled our projects.  Of course there is always "show and tell" after devotions and a short business meeting.

 What a great use of a panel - all of the blocks were snowmen on motorcycles! 

And then not to let any fabric be wasted, use the leftovers in a tote bag - this is one "in progress"
A number of quilts have been completed, some for our mission ministries, and several personal quilts to show each other what we've been working on at home.  Quilters are always busy.

On the left below is a quilter's own quilt with
embroidered blocks centered in homespun squares.
In the center are pillow cases made with selvages, another
quilter's work at home.


Using fabric ironed on to freezer paper,
this project for the One Body Ministry
will copy drawings on to the fabric to be made into a quilt.