Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Work Day

Usually August brings hot weather to Iowa.  Not this year - yet.  The Iowa State Fair is in full swing; families are on final vacation before next week's school year begins; and the weather is a bit cooler than usual, with folks taking advantage of the great weather to be outside. 
But a few quilters stayed inside to work on Ghana altar cloths.  We also sorted through the wonderful fabric and thread donations just received the past several weeks.  We're so grateful for these donations which enable us to continue to make our quilts for those who need them for comfort and warmth.

 The families of Mrs. Joan H. and Jan B. have given Hope Quilters large, beautiful stashes of fabrics and quilt kits.  Connie H. dropped off another large stash on her way to the fair.  Just when we begin to run low on some fabrics, God provides through wonderful people who donate their no longer used fabrics.  A huge Thank You to all for your generosity.  These fabrics will be used in quilts and some in the Ghana altar cloths.

Christie E. brought in the large supply of threads which will help us sew and quilt the quilt tops we make for our missions.  We even used some of the thread this day sewing on the Ghana altar cloths.  What a wonderful gift to add to the Hope Quilters "stash".

This day we worked on making altar cloths using the Ghana fabrics and fabric out of our Hope Quilters supplies.  These altar cloths will be taken to the Ghana churches that have been built from the "40 Churches in 40 Days" 2011 LCOH Lenten project.  Praise God!  There have been well over 100 churches built!  We have a lot of work to do to make altar cloths for all of these churches.  

While a few Hope Quilters work on these, others continue to make quilts for those in need, using the newly donated fabrics shown above.  GOD is good, and it's great to be in the family of quilters doing HIS work.

A few of the altar cloths being constructed.