Monday, September 14, 2015

September Work Day Recap
Wow, what a great day at Hope Quilters yesterday!  We had a huge turnout.  We even had three new guests stop by to see what we're all about.    I didn't count exactly but I think we probably had about 20 people there over the two days.  Lively conversation and as always, lots of productivity in the quilt making department.

A few stats I collected after looking at our work:
  • 10 quilts were finished and ready for distribution to YESS, LSI, ASP mission trip and 2 for next year's auctions
  • 8 or so went out to be quilted
  • We still have 18 tops ready for quilting
  • My inventory shows that we've distributed 89 quilts so far this year. 
We received a very generous gift of 15 storage bins of fabric on Friday.  We spent most of the day organizing by color and theme and working to fit the new fabric into our shelves. 
We are fully engaged in creating quilts for the LSI bed give away again.  Many tops are in process and several are in quilters' hands.  We have October and November to get these completed as they need to be to LSI by Thanksgiving. 
Our other winter project are the JOPPA blankets.  We've had the materials in storage for the summer but now that the cold weather is in our periphery we have come up with a plan to kick start this work again.  Rather than try and work this into our normal Work Day, we are going to organize a sewing day in late October or early November with the intent of mass producing as many blankets as we can.  We're looking for a date and location and then will post details on the blog.

Upcoming retreat
Friday September 25 and Saturday September 26 .  Start time is 8am Friday morning or come when you can.  The retreat is in Room 101 on the first floor across from the gym.  We'll have the Hope Quilter's cutting and ironing supplies so you only need to bring your machine and your projects.    On Saturday you can start as early as 6:30 when the doors open back up.  We have to have everything picked up by 3pm on Saturday.  Feel free to come either day or both.
  • $10 / day as we provide a meal on Friday night and then on Saturday lunch as well. 
  • Bring a lunch on Friday noon if you want. 
  • Bring a snack to share.  
  • Coffee is available as always at the church.  Bring a coffee mug!

Be aware, the Hope Vision quilts that were hanging in the stairwell south of the gym have been removed.  Hope is renovating the downstairs for the new Hope Kids program.  All walls have been repainted and decorated and the quilts will no longer hang there.  We were be sharing these quilts with other campuses.  I am glad that these beautiful art quilts can brighten up the walls of our other locations.  I will let you know when we have a new home for them.