Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hope Quilters February Work Day

We're better together.  Pinning  a quilt goes quicker with lots of hands. 
The weather was frigid outside but the warmth inside Room 212 was delightful.  We had a great crowd and the room was buzzing.  A couple of large fabric donations were fun to look through.  The ideas were flowing as we started putting together ideas for the LSI Bed Giveaway next fall.   Inspiration comes pretty easy with such a large variety of great fabrics and plenty of friends for encouragement.  I wasn't sure where we'd store all the extra fabric but after you all took home some fabric for your new quilt projects it all magically fit on our shelves.  

We had 8 finished quilts to turnover to Missions for distribution to a women's shelter, LSI and for the upcoming ASP mission trip.  See the Photo tab for a look at some of them.

Finally, don't forget the next retreat on February 26/27.  This one will be at the new Hope Waukee location.   I hear the space is awesome with lots of good lighting.  Times are from 8 to10 on Friday and 8 to 5 on Saturday.  Cost is $10 a day.