Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mercy PICU Quilts

Here are the latest quilts delivered to Mercy Hospital PICU on Tuesday.  This completes Hope Quilters commitment of fifteen quilts for 2013.  We always pray that they won't all be needed, and that there will not be a need for more than our annual goal of fifteen.  The PICU serves children from age 2 to 18 who are critically ill or injured.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Work Day

July 13th was a very busy day at LCOH.  Hope Quilters had our monthly work day; preparations for VBS were well underway with training and practice sessions; a quarterly luncheon was being held in the Bridge; weddings in the Chapel; regularly scheduled meetings in many of the classrooms.   What a wonderful place this is, it’s always great to be here in God’s house, as our church family and friends are doing His work in our varied ways.

For Hope Quilters, quilting was not the order of the day.   We spent the time working with the Ghana fabrics to make altar cloths for the new churches in Ghana.  The original altar cloths we made were not large enough, so we’ve adjusted the sizing.  A simple pattern was designed to allow us to quickly make several that can be sent with the next Ghana Mission Team later this month.  We also had several already made that we will also send along.  Praise God!  There are now 110 churches built in Ghana, thanks to the generosity of LCOH during the 2012 Lenten “40 Churches in 40 Days” project.  The Word of God is spreading across that country.  Now we need to step up and complete the commitment we made to use these beautiful fabrics to cover the altars in these new churches.