Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Work Day Recap

There was a fairly small crowd on Saturday.  It was also pretty quiet in the room.  People were busy at their tasks I guess.  And the talkers were not here this know who you are.

We needed batting for about 12 finished quilts.  7 finished quilts were distributed for missions or the auctions.  Others worked on new quilt tops.  A great day all around!
Our faithful Sister of Batting

A repurposed quilt.
Thinking and rethinking this design. 
Look for the new result in an upcoming blog.

Another big topic of conversation was around the Quilt Auctions.  Both auctions are schedule for August 1st.  This is the weekend of our summer quilt retreat.  Since we are being honored at the Okoboji auction I will be attending that one.  Others attend the Riverside auction each year as well.  A suggestion was made that we could cancel the summer retreat and for anyone who was interested we could instead plan a road trip to the auctions.  Plans for the road trip will continue to be formulated so keep that in mind.

Finally, we worked on the idea for creating quilts for the Joppa ministry.  We've had several jean donations and Georgia brought us lots of yardages of heavyweight fabric (denim, broadcloth, corduroy, etc) that could also be used.  The men's ministry is gearing up to collect jeans for us.  Jeans for Joppa is what they are calling it.  Look for a page on the Blog, soon, to explain.