Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 2017 Work Day Recap

November's work day had us focused on a couple of things.  The first was to finished up as many Joppa blankets as we could.  It's getting so cold out that we want to share these as soon as possible.  We turned in 11 more blankets to Missions on Saturday.

The second priority this weekend was to make a dent in our collections of fabric strips.  See the photo tab for some of our day's accomplishments.  This can be really fun to do as a group and we'll get some stunning quilts from our efforts.  Stay posted!

not sure when you gals have the time but we also turned in 13 finished quilts to Missions.  These will be distributed to Hope Ministries, Youth Emergency Shelter and Services, Lutheran Services of Iowa and some women's shelters.  Here are a few of those finished quilts.  What beauties!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hope Quilters September 2017 Recap

Quilters focused on making children's quilts for Lutheran Services of Iowa (LSI).  What fun it was to play with such bright and cheery fabric, knowing that you would make a wee one smile with our gifts.

 Some child will love the vehicles moving across their bed!

 As simple as some bright blocks with a little border.  Cuddle time!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hope Quilters July 2017

Why am I Here? 
How do I compare?

I hope that you were able to listen to one of Hope's sermons this weekend.  What a great message. . I think the message applies really well to what makes Hope Quilters work so well.  Some of us have lots ot time for sewing.  Some of us are better at designing than sewing.  Some of us are better at quilting than piecing.  Others need help with cutting.  By not concerning yourself with what others do better than you and instead, doing what you do well, with enthusiasm and love for others you are trully demonstrating your faithful servant hearts!  Thank you all.

We had a great turnout this weekend.  Lot's of finished quilts (16) and many new kits!  (we had to fill a 2nd box).  

Remember to save your Hobbs batting package UPCs so we can get great deals on batting.   We're ready to order another roll so if you have some UPCs let me know.

Here is a collage of some of our finished quilts this month.  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hope Quilters June 2017 Recap

90 degrees outside made for a great weekend to stay inside to quilt.  It was a big day because we had to get quilts ready for the Okoboji and Riverside Bible Camp Auctions.  We distributed 13 quilts to these camps collectively.  The camps use the auctions to raise month that they use for offering scholarships to camp and for other programming.

We also turned in 29 additional quilts to be distributed by Missions.  These will be supporting local shelters and services as well as the the mission trips that Hope takes to Tijuana, Appalachia, etc.

We said a prayer for all those who will receive our quilts.  We hope that not only do they provide physical warmth but that the recipients can feel the warmth of the love that is sent with each one.

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 2017 Recap

Thanks to all of you who shared your weekend with us at Hope Quilters.  As usual we had a great group.  17 finished quilts were turned into missions for distribution to YESS, LSI, Hope Ministries as well as some to go on the upcoming service trips.

We are also preparing our quilts for the Bible Camp aucionts to be held at Riverside and Okoboji.  The dates for both is August 5th.  We'll have photos of them in next month's blog in case you want to put in a silent bid!  The money from the auction goes to help with scholarships for anyone who can't afford to go to bible camp.  

Take a look at the photo gallery to see some of the recent creations.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

February Hope Quilters Recap

What a great week!  We had a classs on Monday and Tuesday to introduce quilting to anyone who may be interested in quilting for missions.  There were 5 attendees and several indicated an interest in retruning to join us for Hope Quilters.  We love to see new faces!!!

Attendance was great this weekend at Hope Quilters.  We sorted through 3 tubs of fabric donations!  What a great feeling to be able to put these cast offs to great use in our mission.  The ideas were flowing as we organized the new additions.

We distributed 13 finished quilts to various missions at Hope.  Check out the photo's tab for some of the recent quilts.

We also moved on to the 2nd Commandment as our Block of the Month continues.  See some of the color choices for the first block below.

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 2017 Hope Quilters Recap

Who are you being the church for?  Pastor Mike asked this in his sermon this weekend.  

At Hope Quilters, providing our quilts to those in need is one of our primary ways of being the church. I hope that you can look around and see so even  more ways that you are all being the church for each other.  It is touching to see people come into the room and start giving hugs!  It's heartening to know you feel comfortable sharing your joys and concerns with the group, asking for prayers from your sisters.  I saw people coordinate rides for one of our members without a car.  It touched me that so many of you came up to me to ask what you could do for the class.  Thank you all for being the church to me and to each other!

2017 is starting out to be a wonderful year.  Rachel kicked off the new devotion series that involves a block-of-the-month quilt.  I look forward to see your quilts come together.  We also spent the day Friday sorting through a ton of fabric donations.  We LOVE to get donations.  We had two tables piled high with sacks and boxes.  What fun to see the projects that others have worked on and we're so glad to turn someone's once loved fabric into a quilt that someone else will love.

Don't forget about the upcoming retreat!  January 27 and 28 are the dates.  We'll meet again at the Waukee campus.  This is a time for fellowship.  You should feel free to work on your own projects.  Mission quilts are okay to do but we won't have access to all our fabric.  We'll order in dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday.  Deanna has picked Mixed and Zmarik.  Both restaruants offer plenty of choices and include gluten free options.  We'll have a menu at the retreat so you can place your order.  The retreat is free but we collect $10 a day for these meals.  Mary is making Chili for Friday lunch.  We'll have coffee available.  Otherwise you're welcome to bring a snack to share.  Officially start time is 8:30 and we can sew all day.  No need to sign up but please let me know if  you have any questions.

We are having a How to Quilt class to help interested parties determine if Hope Quilters is something for them.   

As a reminder, we are part of the Lutheran Church of Hope's Creative Arts Ministry.  Be sure to take a look at their page on the Hope website.  This link includes a signup for the newsletter as well as the Facebook page.  Many people are unaware of what all this ministry involves.  Take a look for yourself and see all the possible creative opportunities available to you.  

I want to leave you with an example of a quilt that I feel embodies what we are all about.  This is a beautiful creation of scraps and orphan blocks. When put toghether it makes one of the most colorful and interesting quilts I have ever seen.  We use fabric donations and look for a way to use anything that is provided to us.  And look at waht beauty God can inpire in us!