Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hope Quilters July 2017

Why am I Here? 
How do I compare?

I hope that you were able to listen to one of Hope's sermons this weekend.  What a great message. . I think the message applies really well to what makes Hope Quilters work so well.  Some of us have lots ot time for sewing.  Some of us are better at designing than sewing.  Some of us are better at quilting than piecing.  Others need help with cutting.  By not concerning yourself with what others do better than you and instead, doing what you do well, with enthusiasm and love for others you are trully demonstrating your faithful servant hearts!  Thank you all.

We had a great turnout this weekend.  Lot's of finished quilts (16) and many new kits!  (we had to fill a 2nd box).  

Remember to save your Hobbs batting package UPCs so we can get great deals on batting.   We're ready to order another roll so if you have some UPCs let me know.

Here is a collage of some of our finished quilts this month.  

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