Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Retreat Pics

We had a small crowd and some scheduling snafu’s but lots of fun and fellowship all the same.

If you look closely at the set up you’ll notice it looks suspiciously

like our normal meeting room.  Room 101 was double booked.  
Thankfully we were small enough this time that we could make
it work. No one ever said quilters are not resourceful!

Several gals worked on the LSI quilts for the kids.  We have about 18 quilts planned and I think all of them have someone to quilt them.  We will be doing labels and possible binding at the next work day!

Linda was working on her Lounge Lizard quilt again.  Doesn’t it have a lovely orange border on it J

“What’s it called?” several asked.   Well, says Michelle.  “It’s a banana.”      

Ok, so you had to be there but believe me, this one got some laughs!  And ask me about Missy some time.  The whole room ganged up against me about that one. 

Maybe everything seems overly funny when you’re just plain giddy from sewing all day and night.  Yes, we did start at 7:00 and some of us stayed until 10:30.  Some were even there at 7:00 the next morning.  Linda and I made an executive decision though to start at 8:00 next time on Friday.  Not too many fools up besides us at that hour.  I think we could sleep in another hour and still be the first ones there.  This is negotiable.  We’ll talk about it before the January retreat.  By the way, the dates we’ve requested are January 23rd and 24th.  Put that on your calendar and plan to come join us!

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  1. Hi Michelle! Hi Bug! Miss you guys! And apparently I'm missing lots of laughs too. Leave it to Michelle to make the obvious hilarious.


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