Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday Work Day August 9

Saturday was a good day to stay out of the heat and sew.  We were small but mighty in our accomplishments.  The room never looks too big for us as we find ways to expand our projects to multiple tables.  8 people, 24 tables.  No problem.  3 tables a piece. 
There were two different groups basting quilts.   We discussed the design for the quilt we are making along with the One Body ministry.  (look for the reveal in January!)  We sorted through some finished quilts, earmarking them for the Appalachian mission trip in October.   
We received news from Ghana that our initial quilts arrived safely with the team. 
Here is an excerpt from the mission team " Hope Village, while still under development, was a welcome and comfortable place for us to spend our first few nights in Ghana. The quilts assembled by the hands of the Hope Quilters added warmth and a sense of calmness to our stay. "  We are thankful the quilts arrived safely and so glad to know they are comforting the people who sleep under them.  We finished putting labels on the remaining quilts that will go in September.  We prayed over them, sending our wishes for comfort to those who use them. 
The remainder of the day was spent stripping.   We are cleaning out a collection of fabric strips leftover from past projects.  We are challenging ourselves to use all of the odds and ends, brights and naturals, children's prints, florals and geometrics.  Everything goes in!  This is a bit of a stretch for many of us.  Some things just don't seam like they go together.  But we are coming up with some wonderful ideas.  I think the finished products will be beautiful.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Great quilts in the making from strips and scraps


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