Thursday, October 13, 2016

Otober Work Day: Blankets for JOPPA

This month we dedicated our time to making JOPPA blankets.  With the cold weather here already it was great timing.  We received a donation of bed runners from Holiday Inn Exress in WDM.  Wow, what a perfect oppotunity to reuse for such a worthy group.

It's definitely not "fun" quilting but ask any one of these gals if their two-day contribution wasn't extremely fulfilling.  Amazing work!

Here's some pictures of the fun.


  1. I'm waving madly at the three people I know in this picture... Michelle, Jean, and Linda. Hi! Hi! Hi! It's so good to see you and know you are still generously making quilts. This is a fantastic effort. I miss you so much! Linda H.

  2. That is one awesome cartload of warmth!


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