Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 2016 Workday Recap

As always it was a wonderful weekend full of quilting with my favorite servant quilters!  As usual the room was buzzing with activity.  Several of you helped me finish up kits for LSI bed quilts.  We found backs for several of your finished tops and we worked to find room for some new donations on the shelves.  All the irons were busy and we had a station for pinning quilts for a couple of you taking on the quilt challenge. Whew!!!

Rachel shared a delightful devotion reminding all of us that "God's got this!"  Certainly faithful words to live by.  We've secured the Waukee Campus for retreats in October, January and April.  Be sure to add these dates to your calendar.
Oct 28/29, 2016                
Jan 27/28, 2017            
Apr 28/29, 2017

We viewed lots of finished tops and we turned in 10 different quilts to missions.  You asked me how many quilts we've made so far this year.  We have given away 79 quilts to missions and I have 10 that we've designated for the Riverside and Okoboji auctions.  You gals rock!  I am so thankful for those of you who have quilting machines and do a lot of our quilting.  But I am also grateful for those of you who took on my challenge to learn to finish the quilting on your quilts.  These are good quilts to practice on and there is a lot of experience in the group so you can count on good help.  Good for all 

Rachel captured this treasure on my camera.  For those of you who were wondering, Michelle does actually use her sewing machine to quilt.  I was beginning to believe that she just carried her sewing machine up to the room as a form of a good workout.  We seemed a bit lost there in the middle of the day when we didn't have anyone to cut batting.  She spoils us so.of you!

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