Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 13th Work Day

Spring is finally here – did we wonder when it would finally quit snowing?  Although I remember several snowstorms/blizzards in this area in April.  Just like the proverbial spring house cleaning, I’m trying to clean my quilting area.  And we need to do that with our Hope Quilters fabrics –get them out, use them up.  We have been alerted that more fabrics may be coming, this time from a long time quilter, in neighboring Nebraska.  We give our thanks to God for all the fabrics that are donated to Hope Quilters.  And when there are some that we don’t use in our quilts, My Brothers Keeper is the downstream recipient.  As we always note – nothing goes to waste.

We have a new / resurrected opportunity to do some sewing for the Care Ministry here at LCOH.  Several years ago we made tote bags and also small lap quilts for breast cancer patients.  Recently as you know we made a pillow case and gave a small pillow for Linda H. to use during her breast cancer surgery and follow up treatment.  A couple of Hope Quilters have purchased additional pillows and made pillow cases for other breast cancer patients.  We’re proposing Hope Quilters make more of these as well as some bright, cheery lap quilts to be used by anyone needing to feel God’s presence in time of need.  More information along with several of the pillows will be shown at the April 13th work day.

Here are several pillow cases and  pillows for breast cancer patients.

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  1. I am the fortunate recipient of a lovely Booby Pillow, and I can't tell you how much comfort it's given me. I use it when traveling in the car for appointments related to my breast cancer, to help me find a comfortable position in bed at night, and keep it generally by my side when sitting to read or watch TV. It always reminds me of my special quilting friends. You're a blessing to me, and many others. Thank you!


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