Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Work Day

Fourteen Hope Quilters, including several new members, worked on a number of projects during the August 11th Work Day.  The results of the recent Okoboji and Riverside Bible Camp Auctions were recapped.  A card from Mercy Hospital Pediatric ICU was read, thanking Hope Quilters for the recent donation of quilts.
Okoboji Bible Camp has remodeled one of their housing buildings and asked if Hope Quilters would be willing to make quilts for these rooms.  After discussion, the attending Hope Quilters members decided to take on this project.  There will be a total of 53 quilts to make in several sizes - there are bunk beds, twin beds and a queen size bed.  Several quilters gathered together and decided which quilts they would make.

Mission Rio Grande would like to have  baby quilts for the mission at Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in El Paso, TX.  This mission primarily supports a low income Hispanic area of El Paso, but also serves the Juarez Mexico area.  Several members will start making these quilts.

We've completed eight quilts for Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage in Benin City, Nigeria and they will be given to Eric Idehen to take on his next trip later this month.  Four of these quilts are specific to children currently living in the orphanage.  The other four will be given to new children as they're brought to the orphanage.  Quilt labels have been attached to all, and the unnamed quilts can be personalized as they're needed.

Two existing quilt tops, donated by a LCOH member, will be quilted by Hope Quilters members.  These are the first quilts designated for the 2013 Bible Camp Auctions.

We've held up making any additional altar cloths for Ghana until the sizes can be confirmed.  The mission team is currently in Ghana and will return this coming week.  We'll resume making these at the next meeting on September 8th.

Learning a new technique

A HQ member explained how to make a small quilt using a quilt-as-you go method.  A very quick method to make smaller quilts.  She had two different quilts to show, one with square blocks and one with strips.

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  1. Wow! For a reasonably small group you gals must work very hard at sharing the love! I'm impressed by your commitment to make 53 bed-sized quilts for the Bible Camp alone. You go girls! I don't know if you realise it, but Hope Quilters (generally) has its monthly work day on the same day as St Mark's Quilters (Sydney Australia) where Linda taught her only Stitchin' Mission outside the States. We have about 20 quilters attending, and I love this synchronicity :-))


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