Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Meeting Day

We had a small turnout today, but accomplished quite a bit.  Regarding the Ghana Altar Cloths, we haven’t confirmed the size of the cloths to be made, however, many of the Ghana fabrics have been paired with fabric backing.  And depending on the size and orientation of the altars, we’ll be ready to quickly do the cutting and sewing.

Ghana fabrics set out and in the lower picture paired with backings

On Friday during set-up, two members, Jodi and Sandy brought in quilts they’re donating to the Riverside Auction.  The quilts are beautiful and included two antique quilts that are hand pieced, hand quilted.

On Saturday we received donations of fabrics from two LCOH members.  Laura dropped by with a bin of fabrics.  And Deb emptied her quilting stash with her large donation of fabrics, notions, books, patterns.  Several Hope Quilters sorted through all of the things by colors and sizes.

Erika sorting some of the donated fabrics 

Books that were in the donation from Deb

Other Hope Quilters finished up a few of the quilts for the Mercy Pediatric ICU project.  We now have 50 of these quilts ready to be hung on display in June.  The Riverside Bible Camp Auction quilts will be on display at the same time.

Lorena quilting a Mercy quilt

More sorting by Rachel and Julie.  On the tables are the quilts for Mercy and Riverside

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  1. Looks like Hope Quilters was busy doing the usual... sorting fabrics and planning new projects. Keep up the great work!


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